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Feb 08

Fetish Hentai Artist: Latex Felice!

If you are a fan of fetish themed hentai art, then are going to love the following website… “Latex Felice” features the works of “Allegria Delirante”. Allegria’s works are made in a fine line with many details and colorful and nice shadings and centers around lolita, latex play, bondage, gasmasks, tubing and scatology. Copyright 2007 […]

Dec 07

Wacky Japanese Rubber Friends!

It’s almost been two years since I last visited Tokyo. Sure, I miss Tokyo’s urban spawl, but what I miss the most is my wacky Japanese rubber friends: Karin and Wanco! Their creativity and innovative latex designs is unrivaled in the latex fetish world. The skill and effort they put into their latex outfits is […]