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Apr 08

What!? A Ear Fetish?

Yes! A fetish for ears! Especially female ears! Sounds weird doesn’t it? On this Japaneses ear fetish website you can see a huge gallery of detailed photos of Japanese girls in ear cleaning sessions getting their ears poked, pierced, picked and penetrated with cotton buds and other foreign objects! Hot stuff! Copyright 2007 – All […]

Mar 08

Cat Girl Cosplay: Rio Natsume!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTdUxaGybEg] The busty yet very cute Rio Natsume turns into a black sexy cat girl… Jump kitty, jump! Copyright 2007 – All rights reserved. – Hentai Squid – Hentai news, hentai movies & hentai art!

Jan 08

Boy Toy Dolls: Lolita Hentai Sex Dolls!

Inspired by comic book and anime art, and crafted using cutting edge materials, BoyToy Dolls are posable silicone dolls are designed with fun in mind. Boy Toy Dolls are lightweight, easy to maintain, and made of an exclusive, all new silicone material. And yes, of course, these anime babes are anatomically correct! Hand crafted by […]

Jan 08

Kinbaku: Japanese Bondage Art!

Kinbaku (緊縛) is the word for “bondage”. Kinbaku-bi which means “beautiful bondage”, a form of sexual bondage which involves tying up the submissive using simple yet visually intricate patterns, usually with several pieces of thin rope. The word Shibari came in to common use in the west at some point in the 1990s to describe […]

Jan 08

Breast Expansion Fetish!

Breast expansion fetishism sexualities the processes of enlarging breasts. The entertainment industries in Japan, the internet, pornography, and particularly hentai manga, provides the medium and arena in which this large breast fetishization is communicated and produced in a grant scale… no pun intended! Breast expansion is a recurring theme in some hentai anime, manga and […]

Jan 08

Japanese "Cool Girls" Action Figures!

From life size sex dolls, to crazy action figurines of game, anime or manga heroines. Dolls has always been popular among the Japanese otakus. Some of the popular ones are the “Cool Girls”, a series of 12 inch “fighting heroines” figurines, by the toymaker TAKARA Co., Ltd. Some “Cool Girls” fans customize their dolls into […]

Dec 07

Wacky Japanese Rubber Friends!

It’s almost been two years since I last visited Tokyo. Sure, I miss Tokyo’s urban spawl, but what I miss the most is my wacky Japanese rubber friends: Karin and Wanco! Their creativity and innovative latex designs is unrivaled in the latex fetish world. The skill and effort they put into their latex outfits is […]